The Banaba Team - DF2IC Greg Fismer

Greg Fismer

Experience DX'ing, 4U1ITU, was member of "Myanmar 2002" DX-Pedition (XY3C / XY5T / XY7V / XY0TA (AS-165) and holds XY2IC.
Mode CW
Profession Pharmacist, Greg worked for years in Electronical and Signal Intelligence)

DF2IC, Gregor "Greg" Fismer. Greg was born in 1962 and succesfully passed his HAM exams in 1978. He soon discovered that SSB is a fine mode for training your English but that you have much more fun in CW. He concentrated on working DX stations in CW, though there have been frequent excursions to the other digital modes, like RTTY; Amtor, Pactor, PSK31. For the last ten years or so he focused his interests on the low bands. Greg is a member of HSC (High Speed Telegraphy Club) and FOC (First Class CW Operators Club). He makes his living as a Pharmacist, together with his wife he runs a Pharmacy in a small town near Heidelberg.

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