The Banaba Team - F5CWU Flo Moudar

Flo Moudar

Experience TM7Z, TY(2001), TI9M, TY9F
Mode SSB some CW
Profession Train Driver

Flo - F5CWU, I'm a ham since 1993 (13 years old). I enjoy contesting (TM7Z, F5KBA,TM0T) and I'm building a serious contest station with severals friends. Since a couple of years, I make some expeditions: F5CWU/P (EU-032) in 1999 & 2000, TY68F/ TY0CDX /TY22DX in 2001, TY9F and TI9M in 2002. Also interested in antennas, especially home-made, I love to build and work with my own project. Daily, I'm hunting DXCC on 6/10/12/15m SSB, CW and RTTY and since a couple of days SAT, especially AO-40. Favorite mode is SSB. In March 2002 Flo participated in the Cocos Island DX-pedition TI9M team.

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