The Banaba Team - K6SRZ Alan Eshleman

Alan Eshlemann

Experience Dx-ing & Contesting
Mode Prefer CW but also SSB & PSK31
Profession Medical Doctor

This will be my first DXpedition.

I started in ham radio in 1956, when I was twelve years old as novice licensee KN6SRZ. I got my General class license in 1957 and spent my on-air time chasing DX with a Globe Scout, SX71, and low-hanging long wire. Later I discovered that chasing girls could also be fun so I sold my gear and bought a motor scooter. Except for a few months when I operated from W1ET--the Dartmouth College club station--I was inactive from 1962 until 1996.

Since rediscovering ham radio, I spend my time chasing DX (328 worked 327 confirmed) and contesting. I prefer CW, but can also be found on SSB and PSK31. I don't have much space for antennas at my present QTH, but have managed to get onto the low bands by creative wire-stringing. I'm proudest of making DXCC on 80 meters.

I'm a member of the Northern California Contest Club, The Redwood Empire DX Association, and the East Bay Amateur Radio Club. I'm also the trustee for W6PZ (the call kindly granted by the family of the Late Fred Gallien), the Trinity County Contest Club. W6PZ goes on the air each October for the California QSO party.

I'm a specialist in Internal Medicine. In my leisure time (when not on the air) I play guitar and banjo.
I'm looking forward to meeting you all from the other side of the pileups.

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