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The Online Log is sponsored by: Daily DX

The team will provide online logs during and after the DXpedition.

The Daily DX - is a text DX bulletin that can be sent via e-mail to your home or office Monday through Friday and includes DX news, IOTA news, QSN reports, QSL information, a DX Calendar, propagation forecast and much, much more.

On-line Log deactivated in 2011.


The content of the on-line log can be incorrect or not complete, no discussions and/or e-mail's will be answered during the DX-pedition, just work us again if you aren't sure of the contact. All received QSL's and OQRS requests will be compaired with the original logs only.

Online QSL Request System

Welcome to the On-line QSL Request System (O.Q.R.S.)

By registering Buro cards via OQRS you will get your Buro cards much faster than via the traditional Buro method. You don't have to submit your Buro QSL cards anymore! This will save you money and you will get your QSL's at least 6 months earlier than normal. We will give priority to OQRS request above normal Buro cards. OQRS is not equal to an e-QSL! You still will get an original QSL card and therefor e-QSL request will be ignored. OQRS is an automated system, OQRS will check the log as it is, wrong call, date or time will result in not being processed. Of each registration you can request for an e-mail confirmation if you register your e-mail address during the register process. No discussions are possible about OQRS requests, if your OQRS request is not accepted you have to send a traditional QSL via the Buro or Direct, only than the QSL manager will check the log manually. We will frequently upload the logs which shows the way we received your QSL cards D=Direct, B=Buro, I=Internet (OQRS) and the QSL processing dates.

Also when making use of O.Q.R.S. you can still make a little donation, a nice way of saying thank you . . . Also buro cards and Labels cost money . . . every Euro/Dollar is welcome, donations as of $25 will also we mentioned on the Individual Sponsor list . . . we like to see you name listed . . . please be generouse.

This was not a 5 star DX-pedition but 1 star DX-pedition completely self supporting but with a 6 star team ! Thanks in advance for your contribution !

OQRS deactivated in 2011.

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