The Banaba Team - N6TQS Doug Faunt

N6TQS Doug Faunt

Experience VP5, VP9, VK, FO0
Mode RTTY/Digital
Profession Retired Engineer

Doug was first licensed in 1967 as WN4EXQ, but my circumstances changed, so I got back into ham radio in 1983, thanks to K6XN and the internet.

He got a HF license in 1995, primarily to operate in the UK using an HT, but didn't really operate HF until 1997, when he discovered the digital modes, thanks to an old friend K6RFM. He has operated in many RTTY
contests since then, and have 150 countries on RTTY.

He holds M0BPI, VP5/N6TQS, VP9/N6TQS, VK4BPI, and operated RTTY from the Isle of Man on my own, and Clipperton Island as part of the FO0AAA crew.

He is a retired engineer, live in Oakland California, read a lot, especially science fiction. He is married since 1995 and his partner, Lyn, KD6HXY, is finishing a doctrate in public health at UC.

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