Pictures Loading 20 Foot Container
Frank DL4KQ spend months purchasing parts and packing all crates.
Ronald PA3EWP preparing all masts as far as possible so all masts can be setup without any delay on Banaba.
All masts have been prepared, 7 x 14 meters towers, 3 x 16 meter towers and 3 x 20 meter towers.
Rob PA2R securing all 10 generators (3 x SSB station, 3 x CW station, 2 x Digi/6 meter station and 1 x Guesthouse) for transport

The 7 Boom/motor sections of the SteppIR are safely mounted to the ceiling of the container
The loading of the Container has started, in total 4500 KG will be transported to Banaba

A 150 KG steel create was used to secure the 6 Acom amplifiers and put in the loose food boxes
Bernd DL5OAB and Rob PA2R packing the crate with all the food, we brought micro oven food for 24 persons / 12 days

The container is almost ready for transport, only the motor had to be put in place.
. The container left Germany 11th December 2003 and will start its long journey to Tarawa - Kiribati where it will arrive end of February 2004 waiting for the T33C team to arrive. The whole container will be loaded on the M.S. Te Taobe and will be unloaded at Banaba arrival.
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