QSL Info

The T33C QSL Route is:

Flo Moudar, F5CWU
26 rue fleurie
37330 Souvigné

Some QSL note:


  • Include a SASE plus at least $2 for postage, or at least one "New Type" IRC

VIA OQRS (On-line QSL Request System):

  • By registering Buro cards via OQRS you will get your Buro cards much faster than via the traditional Buro method. You don't have to submit your Buro QSL cards anymore! This will save you money and you will get your QSL's at least 6 months earlier than normal. We will give priority to OQRS request above normal Buro cards.


  • OK to QSL via buro. All cards received via buro will be answered via cards sent via buro.
All cards received without sufficient postage will be answered only via the buro.

Cards for applicants not enclosing a SASE and adequate reply paid postage will be answered only via the buro.

Some "additional postage" is a simple and good way to say thank you and to support this expensive DX-pedition.

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