The Banaba DXpedition has opened a bank account in France for this DXpedition.

Due to the high cost of this operation on a remote Pacific Island, the group is asking for sponsorship by various DX organizations around the world. Banaba Island (T33) is one of the top 25 most needed countries in the world. Travel to the island requires chartering a sea going vessel, plus bringing nearly all the supplies required for a two week stay. Additionally, we hope to maintain five stations on the air at all times.

Donations will help to fund this trip. Without sponsorship it becomes too expensive to do. Everyone of the participants on the DXpedition will also contribute over $3000 to participate.

Banaba 2004 Account details

Flo Moudar, F5CWU
25 Rue du Castel Salis
37100 Tours

IBAN: FR 76 1370 5000 0104 0070 3301 890

BAK Identification Code(BIC): CEPAFRPP370 (also named SWIFT CODE)

Caisse d'epargne Centre Val de Loire
Agence Europe
19 Avenue de l'Europe
37100 TOURS


We also need your help as individual ! Every donation will help us meeting our goal.

You can help us with a personal donations via PayPal. The destination PayPal e-mail address for the Banaba 2004 DX-pedition is: pa2r@muurkrant.com or pa5et@muurkrant.com

Individual received donations:

  • Howard Roux AA4RX
  • Vittorio Bussoni IK4CIE
  • Bruce Gibson WA3GNW
  • Tim Sanders N0ZM
  • Tuduri Alain F5LMJ
  • Fergy Ferguson WA3MME
  • Denis Migeon F5NPS
  • Ted Huf W4ZE
  • Dick Grolleman PA3FQA
  • The North Alabama DX Club (NADXC)
  • David J Strout W2YC
  • Roberto Corgiolu IK0PRG
  • Chris Fraikin PA0CJN
  • Dick Maylott W2YE
  • Ben Baddley W4FQT
  • Rick Murphy K1MU
  • Brian Bayus N1KC
  • Erinn Tordella N3HSA
  • Gary McClellan K7ZD
  • Adam Nathanson N4EKV ($2 thanks!)
  • Edward Sexton NA5G
  • Paul Dorey WN6K
  • Bob Epstein K8IA
  • Nino Mazzuca IK8CNT
  • Julius Fazekas N2WN
  • Stephen Sullivan KZ2I
  • Bob Check W8GC
  • Donald Reed KF2XF
  • Robert Ferguson GM3YTS
  • John D. Rodgers KG0UA
  • Mac Mc Laughlin N8TT
  • Winterfest Meeting (NCDXA)
  • Pim Niericker PA0TLX
  • Hans van Hese PA0JLS
  • Roger Stevens K5VRX
  • Don Search W3AZD
  • Terry Hines N4ZH
  • Ben Hutchinson N3UM
  • Ray Johnson K5RJ
  • Alex van Hengel PC1A
  • Steve Dakin WQ5N
  • Steve Hass WB2ZHB
  • Mark Demeuleneere ON4WW

Your name can also be listed above, please help us !!!

Banaba 2004 Sponsors:






















Antennas & Materials:


We will use 7 x K2/100 during the Banaba DX-pedition.
We will use 6 ACOM-1000 Amplifiers during the Banaba
DX-pedition, 3 x SSB and 3 x CW.
7 x 2 element yagis will be used as the high band antennas, 3 x SSB, 3 x CW and 1 x Digital.
Amplifier for Digital station
Main accessories supporter, like 10 MHz ZX Yagi and many more.

AYL-4 RX antenna system and bandpass filters

10 Antenna towers & 6 meter yagi

7 x GB14 (for 3 x SSB, 3 x CW, 1 x Digi SteppIR yagis)
3 x GB16 (for the 30 m Yagi and 2 x 40 m antennas)



10 iC Heil elements with bias resistor and RFI cap for a perfect match with the K2's.


Coaxcables , spare ladder line


12 VFO knobs for Elecrafts K2/100
3 X K2 Mini-manuals
Quick Reference Operator Guides

Local Groups :

Individual Helpers :

  • DF7KF Dithmar, who delivered all the coax and connectors and preassembled all length and soldered connectors
  • DG7KQ Alfred
  • DL8KBJ Sigi

Others :

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