FAQ section:

Questions can be mailed to DL4KQ

How do you avoid overlapping split windows?

Each island site will get different band slots assigned for all bands and modes so that overlapping split windows are avoided.

How will you take care of the most difficult paths?

Each team consists of international, well-known, experienced dxpedition operators. Furthermore, we solicited advice of reputable Propagation Prediction experts and related software so that additional clear instructions will be given to each operator. We will all be aware of difficult paths and give priority to those areas in that difficult path. It is more important that everyone have a chance to work VU7 than those close-by stations who work us 9 bands x 3 modes. Detailed propagation information can be found on the VU7 web-site in the Predictions area.

Is VU7 really a difficult operation since it is a tourist place and seems to be easily accessible?

The Islands are easily accessed by flight or by ship. The strict baggage limit of 1 piece at 10 kg maximum weight does not allow for sufficient equipment transport; therefore, flights are no solution for this dxpedition. The ship schedules are always published very late and only 4 weeks in advance. This makes travel logistics very difficult. Exact travel dates will be known very late, and all transports and ticket arrangements have to be made at the last moment. Operating permits are granted for a specific period and can not be changed once permitted. Coordinating a final ship schedule then becomes the challenge in order to have the dxpedition arrive on the islands not too early and not stay too long after the dxpedition ends. Approximately two ships per week travel to VU7, and the docking at individual islands does not always follow the same route. It can take between 1-3 days to reach an island destination and 1-3 days to return to the mainland. Altogether, this does not make easy planning for an organized dxpedition.

Will you maintain online logs?

We plan to upload the logs on daily base using dial-up connections.

  Will each island (Agatti, Bagaram and Kadmat) use a unique callsign or will operators use their own unique VU7 callsign?
  All three islands will use the same call sign, VU7RG, subject to license conditions. We want to avoid the chaotic situation like at VU4 where some dozens of nearly identical callsigns were on the air. Furthermore, a reliable online log would be extremely difficult using multiple callsigns, and this would generate unnecessary high numbers of dupes. Finally, individual callsigns would decrease the overall chances to work VU7 due to Prefix/Suffix hunters and, later on, increase the QSL processing time.
My callsign has been logged incorrectly; can I get my call corrected in the log?
During the operation no logs will be changed. The original station logs will be considered the final version which then will be distributed to the three different QSL managers. Each QSL manager will be responsible for checking the received QSL's against the logs. The online, uploaded logs are just a tool for one to check for a QSO being made. If you are in the online log, you will get your card 100% as long as your data reasonably matches the VU7RG log. If you are not in the online log but think you have worked us, then still submit your card to the appropriate QSL manager and he will research the log.
Why are you using different QSL managers?

Some reasons why we have decided to make use of more than one QSL managers are that the work will be divided, it is the shortest way via the mail, the least postage is required, and you will receive your QSL faster.

Will the received sponsorships support be divided over the three teams?
Generally, the VU7RG Hamfest DXpedition Operation is one operation although being spread over several islands might be a somewhat unique situation. But, this is not so unusual since it makes no difference if different camp sites (a practice known from other dxpeditions) are scattered on same place or just across nearby islands. The received sponsorship support is part of the common budget and, therefore, will be used for expenses of all sites.
Why is the Dxpedition period changing again?
There are different reasons, some of which are related to logistical problems such as ship schedules. Some other dxpeditions have different backgrounds and different reasons which we cannot elaborate on at this time. Our VU7 operators possess an international Hamspirit of traditional dxpedition operation with focus on a common goal. Our common goal is our priority target which is to serve your urgent QSO needs with a firework of professional VU7 operations!
Will each site arrange their own logistics and place to stay?
Yes, each team is responsible for its own logistics although certain major logistics will be made for the entire group. A vanguard team has already visited the islands to inspect the proposed operating locations. Although we foreigners are limited to the grounds of an island Resort, it is still possible that we have multiple operating shacks separated from each other to minimize local interference.
Can anybody operate during the VU7 Hamfest from Lakshadweep?
Generally the VU7 Hamfest Operation was open for all interested foreign and Indian Hams. At the present time however, only those operators who are on the current short list can operate. These operators have made sufficient application, have sent in all required paperwork, and have signed the Memo Of Understanding (MoU). The MoU, published by the International Advisory Committee (IAC), specifies, among other things, what each operator can and cannot do while visiting the Lakshadweep Islands. See the IAC section on this website for more details. An important aspect of the MoU is to provide a clear understanding of the dxpedition operation and the necessary cooperation of all concerned for a well organized effort toward the goals set forth. Due to the high DXCC ranking of VU7 you deserve a full-fledged, professional dxpedition, not a holiday operation!
Contacts: Web-master: pa2r @ muurkrant.com - International Advisory Committee: frank @ dl4kq.de - N.I.A.R.: niarvu7 @ gmail.com