released: 30 September 2006

Excerpts of the VU7 Hamfest & DXpedition Memorandum of Understanding


  • VU7 is a NIAR event and NIAR will exclusively coordinate all activities. NIAR will have the exclusive leadership role and no participant is permitted to claim any kind of public leader role, to gain publicity or use his participation for advertising purposes. All VU7 announcements will be made by NIAR exclusively. Frank DL4KQ is in charge of the PR in close teamwork with NIAR.
  • Every article, information, lecture, whatever, for public use, prior, during and after the event, will have to be approved by NIAR because it was a clear understanding of the concerned Ministries that all PR benefit needs to go towards India and not to individuals.
  • Each VU7 participant will do his best to ensure a successful operation and event.
  • Each VU7 participant should be in the best health and physical condition because of the heat, extreme sun and strenuous activity required for this DXpedition.
  • Each VU7 participant will agree to be assigned to an “operation site” (camp/island) and to be a team player. If there are other intentions it is best to withdraw from participation now! One “site” = one “team” as decided by NIAR in Consultation with IAC.
  • No participant is permitted to enter or use private grounds or buildings for operation on Lakshadweep Islands, to seek or maintain any contact to locals or local officials (condition of ministries).
  • Organisational structures have to be set up by general agreement of the “team” but no public team leaders are permitted.
  • Each operation site will be self-responsible for its own logistics (= planning, transport, related cost sharing, setup/dismantling of stations, operation strategy, shift tables etc.) and all team members have to participate and agree in thisas condition for their operation.
  • Each individual operator and team will strictly observe the corresponding regulations of the Indian Wireless Telegraphs (Amateur Service) Rules or further restrictions of Indian agencies. In case of any abuse NIAR will have the right to exclude individual operators or teams from the operation.
  • Each operation site will provide NIAR with qso.adi files daily for online log uploads, if any, to the official webpage. At the completion of the operation, each station will supply complete qso.adi files to NIAR for merging into one common log.
  • IAC sub-committee, in consultation with NIAR, will act as supervisor for the operation sites in general operation matters to ensure a high quality operation. Special attention will be given to the selection of good transceivers and antennas and frequency coordination between the operation sites.
  • In case of interference between the operation sites the IAC sub-committee will act as adviser and mediator to solve the problem. If no agreement is possible the decision of the IAC in consultation with NIAR will be final and binding for the operation sites.
  • For operational matters and relating questions, the IAC will act as liaison between the participants and NIAR. Participant requests needs to be sent to IAC which will summarize and forward them to NIAR.
  • One Call sign will be used for the entire operation, this is again subject to Govt. of India final decision on call sign. Portable callsigns or island identifiers will not be used.
  • According the 3 ITU regions, three QSL managers assigned by IAC will handle all QSL requests for their regions.
  • No participant is permitted to announce any other QSL route or to handle QSL cards individually.
  • It was officially stated by the Govt. of India that no liquor is permitted and all participants explicitly have to adapt their appearance to the customs of the native Lakshadweep population. NIAR will provide all participants with necessary details.
  • The IAC will apply in behalf of NIAR and all participants for foundation support to provide NIAR with necessary means for the organisation and implementation of the event.
  • The VU7 budget (of US$ 90.000), consisting of donations and participant fees, will cover the estimated expenses for VU7 activity. It will try to cover the transfer and accommodation costs of participants from Indian mainland to the operation sites and vice-versa, same for the material transports on same routes. Furthermore a certain amount of money will be allocated to the operation sites to cover purchases of common used operation items and related transport costs.
  • If not all necessary monies can be raised all participants agree to absorb the remaining costs in equal shares.
  • No participant is permitted to raise monies or other support, neither prior nor after the operations, for own use!
  • Any equipment, antenna or software manufacturer is not restricted from loaning their products for the VU7 Hamfest and DXpedition. All subsequent advertising must acknowledge NIAR and the Government of India for making this multinational adventure possible. (#2, 5 apply)
  • NIAR and IAC will have one totally transparent budget for all participants to see all donations, costs, expenditures and other income, as well as the receipts/expenses the operation sites have incurred with their logistics.
  • IAC and NIAR have brought out this Memorandum of Understanding considering the clear conditions to meet the requirements of the VU7 Hamfest and a dxpedition operation of highest standards.
  • The official consent to this Memorandum of Understanding is a stringent condition and all VU7 Hamfest / DXpedition applicants are requested to agree in the MoU promptly. Non-signatories will not be considered for participation and operation.


released: 23 August 2006

Minutes of the meeting of International Advisory Committee dated 22-08-2006



  • Mr. S. Suri, VU2MY Chairman
  • Dr. Fernando Fernandez Martin EA8AK (Member European Parliament) Vice-Chairman
  • Dr. R. Prabahakar Rao, Ex-DGP of AP
  • Mrs. D. Bharathi Prasad, VU2RBI
  • Ms. Kyoko Miyoshi JR3MVF
  • Mr. Frank Rosenkranz DL4KQ
  • Dr. Glenn Johnson W0GJ
  • Mr. Franz Langner DJ9ZB
  • Mr. Martti Laine OH2BH
  • Mr. Bascombe Jay Wilson W0AIR
  • Mr. Kurt Bindschedler HB9MX
  • Mr. S.B. Ram, VU2LIC
  • Mr. S. Ram Mohan, VU2MYH
  • Mr. Jiro Miyoshi, JA3UB

The following decisions were taken to make the VU7 event a success.

Major Tasks of IAC

  • The IAC will set up a Memorandum of Understanding which will be binding for all foreign VU7 participants and either will be announced to them or by NIAR.
  • For operational matters and relating questions of the participants.
  • To support NIAR to in matters related to fund raising, support from foundations, sponsorships etc.
  • The IAC will support the NIAR VU7 Hamfest by logistical means, if requested, and motivates all VU7 participants to attend in best way for a successful event.
  • Although the VU7 operation sites operate independent from each other the IAC will have some superior tasks to ensure trouble free operations. Tasks like coordination of frequencies in case of interference and so on will be settled by Chairman IAC.
  • IAC has approved MoU to be signed by all participants of VU7.
  • IAC has unanimously approved a sub committee
    • Mr. Frank Rosenkranz DL4KQ Chairman
    • Ms. Kyoko Miyoshi JR3MVF
    • Dr. Glenn Johnson W0GJ
    • Mr. Martti Laine OH2BH
    • Mr. S. Ram Mohan VU2MYH

The sub committee is authorised to take all decisions regarding Planning of operations/ allocation of sites/ facilities etc., of all foreign nationals.

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