Released: 17 January 2007

First parts of log
First parts of log is at logsearch. Datas are only from 1 island in moment.
So dont worry if you not found all QSO's - there is a VU internet line problem.

Current log data status you will found at

All sites have been extremely busy with the setup of all stations and the Hamfest on Kadmat. As of tomorrow we will have regular log updates.

Agreed split ranges per island:
So far the agreed split ranges are working well for all teams. This means there can be 3 stations using the same mode & call VU7RG.

They have their own logbook and will not be on-line (yet).

Last night the "A" value changed from 3 to 28 which was very noticable on the low bands during the second night. Many Americans have already been logged so that is good news. So far it looks like we reach most of the desired areas, East Coast USA still is a very difficult path but we are aware of this.

Released: 14 January 2007

DXped started today

Exact on schedule - DXped VU7RG has started
- 4 islands on air - don't be surprised if 4 times on same band

- VU7MY also started

Released: 9 January 2007

NIAR PRESS RELEASE - 9th January 2007

Special callsign for Minicoy Island (AS-106)
The minicoy operations will have special callsign VU7MY granted by WPC (Indian Govt.) and will be active from from 15 - 31 January 2007. This will be an all Indian Amateur Radio operation station.

License extended for Indian Operators
Indian Radio Amateurs have given permission to operate until 31st January 2007.

Released: 4 January 2007

NIAR PRESS RELEASE - 4th January 2007

VU7RG permitted for Minicoy Island (AS-106) !!!!
Today special permit was granted by WPC (Indian Govt.) to operate from Minicoy Island (Asia #1 on Most Wanted IOTA List) which will be the fourth Operation Site.

Minicoy Operations will start on January 16th and you can expect 2-3 well equipped in SSB and CW, 40 - 10 m.The IOTA-Hunters easily can identify the Minicoy stations since they will use VU7RG/VU......  while Agatti, Bangaram and Kadmat will use VU7RG.

K6GNX joined the team of pilots, we have now 2 pilots for North America, see the Operations page for the details.

Now we have 4 operating sites also the frequency plan is slightly changed, see the Operations page for the details.

Released: 27 December 2006

NIAR PRESS RELEASE - 27th December 2006

Limited edition QSL
As a special "thank you" for their valuable support the Individual Donators will get their qsl card (limited edition) already shipped from the islands (airmail letter) if they made contact (and can be found in the log)! 

We are happy that JA1ELY Toshikazu Kusano joins the team of pilots. We now have 3 pilots for each IARU zone one. More information on the Operations page.

Operating Frequencies
As announced earlier we have made clear agreements with all involved VU7 stations how we are going to share the frequency band to avoid chaos because of overlapping frequencies. This list requires good operators but your cooperation too. As you can see we do everything which is possible to work as efficient as possible and use every opening we get to work you.

VU7RG Blog log
We are very happy with all input given on the VU7RG Blog log and we will use all mentioned comments to make an efficient operating schema. We are currently analyzing all cluster spots of the current VU7 activity to find out what times conditions have been reported to difficult areas like West coast North America. Please keep on giving us details information, it will be used!


Released: 22 December 2006

NIAR PRESS RELEASE - 22nd December 2006

VU7RG permitted to operate on 30 m Band !!!

Today special permit was granted by WPC (Indian Govt.) thanks to restless efforts of the National Institute of Amateur Radio (NIAR), namely well-known Mrs. Bharathi VU2RBI.

Due to the current poor conditions 30 m will have high priority for the VU7RG operations since it will be one of the few bands to serve the most difficult regions, especially North America.

First freights, including efficient 30 m antennas, has already been shipped a few days ago.
The first advance teams will enter the islands on January 09 to start with the setups so that the public can expect the start of operations on time.

Please visit the webpage from now on on regular base since there might be more breaking news possible within the next days!

VU7RG will be a full-fledged operation of experienced Hams with good equipments taking care of your needs!

We need your support!

Released: 22 November 2006

NIAR PRESS RELEASE - 22nd November 2006

We are pleased to inform that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Department of Telecommunications, WPC wing has released the first list of Special permission issued to foreign hams holding Indian amateur radio license to operate amateur radio stations from Bangaram, Kadmat and Agathi in Lakshadweep Islands.

VU7RG - The special callsign for hams participating in Hamfest.

Amateur Radio Operations will start on January 15th, 2007.

Mohan, VU2MYH

Released: 15 November 2006

NIAR PRESS RELEASE - 15th November 2006

The WPC, Govt. of India, has initiated the process of issuing reciprocal licences to the applicants of VU7 HAMFEST participants. The first batch of 10 reciprocal licences are received today. More are expected to be issued in due course.

If you are interested please check the webpage from now on on regular base since we start to provide more interesting details regarding dates, call sign(s), planning status and much more!

Released: 10 November 2006

NIAR PRESS RELEASE - 15th October 2006

Today the first reciprocal licenses for team members were granted. Likely that others might follow tomorrow.

If you are interested please check the webpage from now on on regular base since we start to provide more interesting details regarding dates, call sign(s), planning status and much more!

Unfortunately some sine qua non to serve your VU7 needs in efficient and professional way were not possible. Finally not a problem, you will get your "fireworks" from VU7!!!

Released: 13 October 2006

NIAR PRESS RELEASE - 13th October 2006

Regrettfully we have heard about rumors regarding VU7 operation permits but we can ensure that Hamfest licenses are getting processed in a regular way.

Released: 6 October 2006

NIAR PRESS RELEASE - 6th October 2006

We are happy to inform you that the Hon&rsquo;ble Minister for Communications and IT has approved the NIAR proposal for holding Hamfest &ndash; a convention of International amateur radio operators in Lakshadweep Islands (VU7). The event will be held during December 1-3 rd, 2006. The event also coincides the year of Golden Jubilee celebrations of Union Territory of Lakshadweep. Another major attraction for the event is that Indian and Foreign hams can obtain permission from Government of India to operate their Amateur Radio stations during the HAMFEST being held at Lakshadweep Islands during December 1 - 10, 2006.

Several agencies of Government of India have came together to support Amateur Radio activity in our country, particularly the Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Tourism, Lakshadweep Administration, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of HRD and Department of Telecommunications. This was made possible with encouragement we received from DX agencies like GDXF, Germany and DERA, USA etc.

Hamfest is likely to attract large number of operators. It has been decided to spread amateur radio stations to different islands to ensure most efficient operations with their physical separation of 10-60 km.

The operations will take place at least from:

  • Agatti Island
  • Bangaram Island
  • Kadmat Island

Lots of attention will be put in the organisation of each island operation site:

  • Experienced operators
  • Carefully selected equipments
  • Large antenna farms
  • Awareness of condition to all continents on all bands

In addition NIAR has assigned reliable QSL Managers to ensure quickest and most efficient QSL handling for each of the 3 ITU Regions:

  • Region 1: German DX Foundation (GDXF)
  • Region 2: N2OO, Bob Scheck
  • Region 3: The I-House Radio Club

Your contribution, in any amount, will make you a valued member of our VU7 operation. We need your support!

We plan a special acknowledgement for Individual Donators. Further details will follow in due time.

More details will be released on the official webpage as plans and details firm up.


Mohan, VU2MYH

Released: 30 September 2006

NIAR PRESS RELEASE - 30th September 2006


We have been informed that the competent authority of Government of India has approved NIAR proposal for holding VU7 Hamfest.

Amateur Radio activity will be conducted in the Lakshadweep Islands with active participation of Foreign and Indian Hams.


The Hamfest is expected to give a major flip to amateur radio activity in the country as well as encourage tourism in India with large number of participants from several countries. The event also provides a rare opportunity for foreign hams to operate from VU7 Islands.

Released: 7 September 2006

January 2007. 

NIAR is pleased to announce activities of the #2 Most Wanted Entity, VU7-Lakshadweep, in January 2007. The Government of India conducted a meeting of Inter-ministerial representatives with NIAR in New Delhi and gave in-principal approval for VU7 operations. However formal approval will come later by November 2006.

We are planning to operate as VU7RG ( Subject to WPC of DOT Govt. of India agencies to this call ) from 3 excellent equipped and well organized sites from 15-25 January 2007. Late Mr. Rajiv Gandhi VU2RG former Prime Minister of India had encouraged Amateur Radio in India. His wife Mrs. Sonia Gandhi VU2SON is now the leader of UPA in Government in India. It is appropriate this call sign is used.

A group of approximately 70 multinational and 30 Indian Hams are expected to travel from Kochin, India, by boat to Lakshadweep on or about January 12th.

An International Advisory Committe (IAC) is constituted under the Chairmanship of Mr.S.Suri, VU2MY to organise the event successfully. The IAC has broughtout an Memorandum of Understanding to be agreed by participants for better coordination during VU7 operations.   

A Sub-Committee is constituted by International Advisory Committee with Mr. Frank Rosenkranz DL4KQ, as Chairman, Ms. Kyoko Miyoshi JR3MVF, Mr. Martti Laine OH2BH, Dr. Glenn Johnson W0GJ as members, Mr. S. Ram Mohan VU2MYH as convenor. This Committee will deal with requirements/ coordination of all international participants of VU7 operations.


More details will be released exclusively by NIAR as plans and details firm up on this official webpage.

We request your kind support and participation to make VU7 activity a successful event.


S.Ram Mohan, VU2MYH

Contacts: Web-master: pa2r @ - International Advisory Committee: frank @ - N.I.A.R.: niarvu7 @