VU7RG & VU7MY Pilots:

IARU Region 1:
Europe, Africa, Middle East and Northern Asia
IARU Region 2:
The Americas (East Coast)
IARU Region 2:
The Americas (West Coast)
IARU Region 3:
DL1XX - Klaus Wagner
N1DG - Donald Greenbaum
K6GNX - Dr Bill
JA1ELY - Toshi Kusano


Operating Frequencies

VU7RG / VU7MY Operating frequencies


For the first time since many years the Lakshadweep islands has been activated again. Many well known operators have been asking the Indian government to get a license over the last years and finally there was a breakthrough. The NIAR had received permission to organize a Hamfest and allow also foreign HAM's to operate from VU7.

Because the large number of interested operators it had been decided to spread out the members over multiple sites, the selected islands were:

Agatti Island, Bangaram Island, Kadmat Island (IOTA AS-011 callsign VU7RG) and Minicoy (IOTA AS-106 callsign VU7MY).






Operator List

Indian License Information

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