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The second most wanted DXCC entity, VU7 Lakshadweep (Laccadives), will be activated by a large international team. Travel to the islands requires chartering a sea going vessel plus transporting huge quantities of carefully selected hi-tech equipments for operations from three or more sites. The group of well known and greatly experienced operators is aware of the most challenging areas of the world, propagation and needed operating capabilities thus those will be manned with needed investments and special care.

The organizers and operators are jointly committed to fund the entire undertaking with budget of USD 90.000. Now we seek your financial support to partially help cover the VU7 activation, whether through your favourite DX Club or just individually.

You may communicate your funding desires to one of the international representatives (IAC sub-committee DL4KQ, JR3MVF, OH2BH, W0GJ, VU2MYH) of the event and you will receive further information on how to proceed or kindly may use one of the contribution routes below.

Routes for Contribution
IARU Region 1 IARU Region 2 IARU Region 3
Frank Rosenkranz  DL4KQ Glenn R. Johnson  W0GJ Kyoko Myoshi  JR3MVF
Blumenstr. 25 207 Bear Creek Ln NW 4- 16 Kokawa cho Chuo ku
50126 Bergheim Bemidji MN 56601 Osaka 540-0018
Germany USA Japan
Bank Name / Address: Bank Name / Address: Bank Name / Address:
KSK Koeln / Bergheim Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ/Uemachi
Hauptstr. 21 201 3rd Street NW 2-1-2 Andouji Chuo-ku
50126 Bergheim Bemidji, MN 56601 Osaka
Germany USA Japan
Account name: Account name: Account name:
Frank Rosenkranz / VU7 DXpedition VU7 Lakshadweep DXpedition Kyoko Miyoshi / VU7 DXpedition
Swift-BIC: Swiftcode: Swiftcode:
  Routing number:  
Int. Bank Account No.: Account number: Account number:
DE78 3705 0299 1142 1258 97 762-9263943 3943281 (Japanese Yen Account)
1117052 (US $ Account)
For use inside Germany:
Frank Rosenkranz / VU7 DXpedition
Kto  1142125897
Blz  37050299
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