In the fall of 2003 a 20 foot container has been purchased by the Banaba 2004 Team. The aim was to load that container with all required DX-pedition equipment and food for a team of 24 persons to live 12 days on Banaba. Approx. 4500 Kg of equipment has been stored in that container. Water and gasoline will be purchased on Kiribati. To get an idea how the container looks we have published some pictures:

Slideslowes of 1700 pictures taken by PA2R, sit down and relax!

A few Slide Show Links unfortunately broken

  • Part 1 Traveling from Europe to South Korea
  • Part 2 Departure from South Korea to Fiji until departure
  • Part 3 Arrival Tarawa Western Kiribati until departure to Banaba
  • Part 4 Departure Tarawa traveling to Banaba
  • Part 5 On Banaba part 1
  • Part 6 On Banaba part 2
  • Part 7 Departure Banaba until departure Tarawa
  • Part 8 Arrival Fiji until arrival South Korea
  • Part 9 South Korea
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